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This is a Slime Monster Pixel Art asset, that includes 3 variations for the slime and 7 different colors.

It can be used as an enemy in your game or in your prototypes to test ideas. Or perhaps can also be used as a playable character.


This pack includes:

  • 3 different variations for the slime: two with faces and one faceless.
  • 11 different animations for the slimes.
  • 64x32px size for each frame.
  • 7 color variations for each slime to give variety for your game, including a grey color for coloring in your favorite game engine or image editor.
  • NES styled colors for the slimes, perfect for retro games.
  • An .aseprite file with indexed colors for easily editing its colors.
  • Color palettes in .png files for all the colors. You can load them in the .aseprite file.
  • .gif files to use in your game or just to preview the animations.
  • Different spritesheets: one file with all animations of the slime and different files for each animation.
  • 70+ frames of animation!


This package includes 11 animations, giving more variety for a slime enemy. The included animations are:

  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Jump
  • Attack on ground
  • Damage on ground, with an extra alternate animation
  • Damage on air
  • Death on ground, with an extra alternate animation
  • Death on air
  • Spawn



- Use it in your commercial and personal projects, and may also edit it if needed.
- Credits are not necessary, but very appreciated. You can credit me as Adriano Verissimo.


- Redistribute it or call as your own.
- Use it in NFT/blockchain games or projects.

If you use it in your project, feel free to post in the comments. I'll be glad to know you're using it!

Have fun!!

Video Credits

Music: Bitpop Chiptune, by Nicole Marie T
Text Font: Ruler Gold, by Eeve Somepx


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Very Nice! :D

Thank you very much!! I'm really glad you liked it! =D