-- Please, read the instructions below before playing --


  • Arrow keys: move the player to the direction pressed
  • R key: restart the stage. Use when getting stuck.

How to play

Jimmy is a Black Bear who is charged for delivering pizzas. Today, he's responsible for delivering to 20 houses, all of them at snowy terrains.

Help Jimmy deliver the pizzas to all the houses, solving puzzles while sliding through ice floors and pushing ice cubes.

About the game

Slippy Bear is a puzzle game created for the Lowrezjam 2020, where you should make a game within 64x64 resolution.


This game is free to play, but you can't redistribute it.


Programming, Art and Game Design

Adriano Veríssimo
Links: Twitter, Portfolio, LinkedIn


Track "Puzzle Pieces", present in album Three Red Hearts - Prepare to Dev Edition, by Tallbeard Studios. You can get it clicking here.


8-bit Sound Effects Pack [100+SFX], by Beep Yeah!. You can get it clicking here.


Color palette

  • Based on: Winter Wonderland, created by Jimison3. You can get it clicking here.

Special Thanks

  • Diego Manarim
  • Fábio Lamin
  • José Netto
  • Luís Henrique Veríssimo
  • Rodolfo Souza

Development log

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